Davis Bates and Roger Tincknell

Davis and Roger have over four decades of combined performing experience, providing hundreds of performances in schools, libraries and other community settings. Their warm and participatory programs involve audiences in a wide variety of cultural heritages.

Davis and Roger have both received Parents' Choice awards for their most recent recordings. Davis won a Gold Award for Family Stories (which was named one of the ten best audio recordings of 1996 by Booklist magazine), and Roger won an Honor Award for Earth Rhythms, an environmental album, and Silver Honors for Carnavalito, one of his recent CDs.

If you are interested in having them share stories and songs in your community, give Davis a call at (413) 625-0202 or email him through the contact us page.

Programs available include:

Under One Sky: A multi-cultural program of stories and songs that span two continents, celebrating diversity and community with participatory material from Latin-America, Ireland, Poland, Franco-America, Vietnam and more.

Nature's Mysteries and Earth Rhythms: Programs that celebrate and teach about the natural world, answering who, what, and why questions about nature and our stewardship of the environment.

Celebrating the Season: Stories and songs that speak to the change of seasons, and to family and community life. Winter holiday programs are also available, as well as programs celebrating Flag Day, Thanksgiving and more.

This Land is Your Land: Stories and Songs from Sea to Shining Sea: A program celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the United States in Folk Songs and Stories.

Imagine That: Celebrating Reading in Story and Song: Especially designed to help support summer reading programs in public libraries, but also to help support literacy and creativity efforts in public schools.

Curriculum support materials are also available for these programs.

"I have never seen an assembly of eighth graders so transfixed. Your stories and songs touched them on a deeper level than I would have thought possible. And you actually got them to sing along. Amazing!"
-- Teacher, Middle School, Amesbury, MA

"From the youngest to the oldest, you had the kids singing and dancing, listening and learning, and having a great time. Most of all I appreciated the direct and natural way you encouraged the students to celebrate their own families and cultural heritage. Thanks for a wonderful performance!"
-- Parent, Smith School, New Britain, CT