"What I try to do in a performance, whether it's at a library, school, senior center or festival, is to get listeners of all ages excited about the cultural traditions that are all around them; in books, in their families, and in their communities. It's a joy to get people of all ages singing together, listening together, remembering together, and discovering together. All of the programs listed below include both traditional and contemporary material, spoon playing, humor and warmth. Please be in touch if you have any questions about which program would work best for your situation."

Specific Programs Include:

A Universe of Songs & Stories: A program of songs and stories for children, families or adults designed to support the 2019 Library Summer Reading Program theme of the same name. Also a supports school literacy and reading programs.

A New England Heritage: Sea songs, farming songs, family stories and oral history narratives. A participatory educational program about our regional heritage popular with senior centers, historical societies and adult library audiences.

Under One Sky: Songs and stories from around the world, celebrating diversity and humanity.

Imagine That: Songs and stories that celebrate and promote literacy and inspire creativity and the imagination. Adaptable to a specific school curriculum needs.

Halloween Harvest: Ghosts, Goblins & More: A perfect way to celebrate the fall season, with traditional and true life ghost stories, supernatural tales and songs about the harvest and turning of the earth.

A Celtic Celebration: Tales and songs from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Stories of seal folk and wee folk, and sing-alongs galore. A popular adult program around St. Patrick's Day.

Winter Holiday: Songs & Stories: Songs and stories that bring warmth to the coldest time of the year, while celebrating a variety of holiday traditions.

This Land is Your Land: A song & story celebration of American culture and history that closes with a rousing rendition of Woody Guthrie's popular anthem.

Sea Songs & Stories: Sea Shanties, Ballads, Fish tales and more. Hear how foam came to be in the ocean and sing songs to raise the anchor and set sail to past and present.

Tricksters Galore: Coyote stories, Jack tales, Anansi and Woody Woodpecker. Wise fools and teachers of silliness in song & story.

The Narrow Land: Songs & Stories of Cape Cod: Inspired by the book by Elizabeth Reynard and childhood summers spent in a cottage on Barnstable Harbor. A participatory celebration of centuries of Cape Cod folk traditions.

Davis also performs a number of the programs above with singer and musician Roger Tincknell, as well as additional programs such as Across the Americas and Earth Rhythms.