Spring, Cancelled Performances & New Beginnings

The back garden, 12 High St, ready for planting

First, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who responded to my outreach to friends inviting them to like my fledgling Facebook page. I really appreciate it. For folks who haven't seen it yet, you can find it here:

The changes in the world since my last post have affected us all in similar and different ways. Around here, a very busy performing schedule has turned into a time to stay at home, combining working in the garden (pictured above) with creating a performing space in the workshop, and exploring unemployment options, among other things.

I have never been someone who does things quickly. Productive procrastination and processing options internally means it may take a while to put together some web and social media-based ways to share my work. My daughter (spending her final semester at Hampshire College at home finishing her Div III graduation project) is helping me to come up with, sort through and put together some different possibilities.

While developing those ideas, I’d like to occasionally share the work of other performers who have contributed to my development as a singer and storyteller. I thought of this the other day, when working in the garden. While raking, I saw a bluebird flying from the posts near the barn towards the bushes near the compost pile. There’s a song about bluebirds that I learned while a student at Hampshire from a Jean Ritchie album (I originally got the album for the coal mining songs, as part of my Div III at Hampshire). It’s one that I don’t get to sing in public as much as I’d like to.

Called the Bluebird Song (no surprise there); it’s one that Jean wrote to sing to her kids based on a story her mother told her when she was a child. It makes a great lullaby, and even a restful song to sing to oneself while working in the garden, washing dishes, etc. The lyrics can be hard to find online, so if you'd like them send me a email and I'll send you a pdf copy. While looking for the lyrics I found a link to this version of the song:

I wish you and yours good health and good spirits in the days and weeks ahead.