Duo and Solo Spring & Summer Schedule Filling Up

Block booking opportunities are still available

Spring shoots in a winter greenhouse

When I was working on the Leyden Oral History Project back in the early 1980's George Howes talked about how in the middle of the winter when he was tired of being cold he would go the barn, climb up in the hayloft and bury himself in the hay, breath in deep, smelling summer.

I'm not tired of winter yet (I like skiing and shovelling snow, oddly enough) but I do enjoy looking ahead towards summer as I schedule the performances that have come through from the latest round of local cultural council grant applications, and from the post card mailing that I did a few years ago.

As of now, there are 23 solo performances scheduled for June, July and August, as well as 15 duo performances with Roger Tincknell, most for library summer reading events, but a few for summer recreation programs and senior centers.

Performances for Summer Reading 2020

If you are interested in block booking opportunites for the summer, check when a performance is happening near you (about an hour or so away) by looking at the summer calendar. This year's program is called Imagine That: A Songs & Story Celebration. Solo or duo, it's a participatoryy event for all ages, designed to support the 2020 library summer reading program theme: "Imagine Your Story."

Performances for Summer Recreation Programs 2020

I'll be returning for the fourth year in a row to the Little Hillers Summer Camp, sponsored byy the Hopkinton Parks & Rec Dept. I'll also be visiting suymmer rec programs in Amherst, Leominster. If you are interested in finding out about the Under One Sky program I'll be sharing with them, or about programs for older children and teens, such as the campfire program I've shared at the Old Rochester Jr High School Survival week almost every year since 1991, please don't hesitate to be in touch.